Online Discussion Portal is Active now.

Hey People!
Discussion Portal is now online and active. Now you can discuss and share your opinion.
Everyday we will post a topic for discussion. To take part in discussion follow the simple three steps as mentioned below:

Step 1
Log on to My World website. Click on Discussion from the menu bar as shown on picture below:

Step 2
Under the Discussion menu you will find various topic listed, click on the topic you want to discuss or share your opinion.

Step 3
After clicking the topic of your choice, a new page will open. Go to the bottom of the page. Register yourself on DISQUS to begin.

Now you are ready. Start the discussion...

Always remember:

  • Don't let the discussion go beyond the subject matter.
  • Your discussion should start with proper introduction of the topic instead going directly into it.
  • You are always welcome to criticize but it should be a constructive criticism followed by proper redressal mechanism. 

Read, Think & Analyse then Share!

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